Friday, February 25, 2011

this week was a blur

haven't written in a while, but this week went by so fast!
it feels like yesterday was wednesday, and I was lamenting that half of break had already gone by, and now it's already friday...
I don't even know where the time went..and I have yet to start on deca :\
but so far, very fun and somewhat relaxing ish

sunday - tutored, youth group, hung with friends :)
monday- got hair done and was kind of productive 
studying at starbucks?
tuesday- ..i don't even remember.. i studied at panera bread?
wednesday- tutored in the morning, and then spa day with family
thursday- went out to lunch with danielle <3, 
studied at starbucks, tutored, then went to youth council meeting (for the homeless), then watched Taken with friends (we shouted at the tv and it was great fun :) 
friday- got some of my math porfolio done, watched too much tv, tutored for 2 hours at
saturday- annabel's bday celebrationnn, & seeing more friends in the afternoon :)
sunday - youth group, getting all of my hw finally done?

i hope i won't have to pull an allnighter anytime soon....

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