Sunday, February 13, 2011

monadnock 2011 was amazing

back from my church retreat :)
it was really amazing, I felt that God really talked to me, and it was good reconnecting with him there.
so many more details but unfortunately, school calls :(
but although this week has a huge amount of things due, I think I can do it :)

econ commentary revised friday 
lit discussion board #2 
enviro quiz #2 tmr
math quiz tmr
historical investigation (will finish by tuesday?)
6 enviro lab #2 tuesday
7 health test/baby?
internship paper wednesday
lit quiz thursday
11 econ commentary #2 friday
12 lit project friday

6 history hws?
math portfolio thursday 2/28
econ test 3/3

only 5 more days until break :)

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