Thursday, February 17, 2011

busy busy busy busy

happy birthday jason no!

so many things due tomorrow :(
plus, cornell interview today!
and i'm tutoring, so no sleep tonight for meeeeeeeee

decided to give up on men, friends, more than friends, all of that
just girls and perhaps any gay men out there who want a new girl best friend LOL

high school boys just don't work out in general -___-

no stress, no stress
break is coming up soon so no no drama

stuff i might do over break?!
1 sleeeeep and EXERCISE (LOL)
2 tutor like crazy
3 sleepover with the bestie
4 a-bell's bday (need to shop :)
ski/snowtubing trip with family??
6 see wicked/other broadway shows?!!?!!!

7 haaaaaang with church friends
go to sauna with family??

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