Friday, February 25, 2011

this week was a blur

haven't written in a while, but this week went by so fast!
it feels like yesterday was wednesday, and I was lamenting that half of break had already gone by, and now it's already friday...
I don't even know where the time went..and I have yet to start on deca :\
but so far, very fun and somewhat relaxing ish

sunday - tutored, youth group, hung with friends :)
monday- got hair done and was kind of productive 
studying at starbucks?
tuesday- ..i don't even remember.. i studied at panera bread?
wednesday- tutored in the morning, and then spa day with family
thursday- went out to lunch with danielle <3, 
studied at starbucks, tutored, then went to youth council meeting (for the homeless), then watched Taken with friends (we shouted at the tv and it was great fun :) 
friday- got some of my math porfolio done, watched too much tv, tutored for 2 hours at
saturday- annabel's bday celebrationnn, & seeing more friends in the afternoon :)
sunday - youth group, getting all of my hw finally done?

i hope i won't have to pull an allnighter anytime soon....

Monday, February 21, 2011

what a great day

Winter Break 2011 :)

So much to do, so much fun to be had :D
1 hanging out with youth group <3
2 ice skating with friends?
3 annabel's bday :)
4 film festival at moma?
5 spa day with mom
6 seeing a broadway play with family
7 snowtubing with family?
8 sleepover with minyoung :)

And of course tutoring and studying for school finals
Figuring out summer right now, I really really want to go to this program in AUSTRALIA, and hopefully I can but it's really expensive! :(

but today was a good day!
got my hair cut! and then ate lobster with the family :)
and my mommy bought me clothes <3

longer posts later :) good luck mike tan in dallas, tx!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

busy busy busy busy

happy birthday jason no!

so many things due tomorrow :(
plus, cornell interview today!
and i'm tutoring, so no sleep tonight for meeeeeeeee

decided to give up on men, friends, more than friends, all of that
just girls and perhaps any gay men out there who want a new girl best friend LOL

high school boys just don't work out in general -___-

no stress, no stress
break is coming up soon so no no drama

stuff i might do over break?!
1 sleeeeep and EXERCISE (LOL)
2 tutor like crazy
3 sleepover with the bestie
4 a-bell's bday (need to shop :)
ski/snowtubing trip with family??
6 see wicked/other broadway shows?!!?!!!

7 haaaaaang with church friends
go to sauna with family??

Sunday, February 13, 2011

monadnock 2011 was amazing

back from my church retreat :)
it was really amazing, I felt that God really talked to me, and it was good reconnecting with him there.
so many more details but unfortunately, school calls :(
but although this week has a huge amount of things due, I think I can do it :)

econ commentary revised friday 
lit discussion board #2 
enviro quiz #2 tmr
math quiz tmr
historical investigation (will finish by tuesday?)
6 enviro lab #2 tuesday
7 health test/baby?
internship paper wednesday
lit quiz thursday
11 econ commentary #2 friday
12 lit project friday

6 history hws?
math portfolio thursday 2/28
econ test 3/3

only 5 more days until break :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

leaving tomorrow :)

philomath \FIL-uh-math\, noun:
A lover of learning; a scholar.

desideratum \dih-sid-uh-RAY-tum; -RAH-\, noun;
plural desiderata:

Something desired or considered necessary.

ambisinister \am-bi-SIN-uh-ster\, adjective:
Clumsy or unskillful with both hands.

mansuetude \MAN-swi-tood\, noun:
Mildness; gentleness.

extended essay (DONE!!!!!!)
enviro quiz
3 historical investigation (will finish sometime...)
informal and discussion post
lit project 
6 econ commentary revised friday
7 lit quiz thursday
8 enviro quiz friday

9 lit discussion board #2 sunday
10 math quiz monday!
11 enviro lab #2 tuesday
12 internship paper wednesday
13 math portfolio thursday
14 econ commentary #2 thursday
15 lit project friday
16 health project?
1 math paper

1 enviro lab

6 history hws


as you can see, i am going insane with the amount of work i have this week, and i won't even be home this weekend... but somehow i'll get through it <3

Monday, February 7, 2011


1 extended essay (half way there...)
enviro quiz tmr
historical investigation (still not done..)
4 informal and discussion post tmr
lit project tmr
econ commentary revised thursday
7 enviro quiz friday
math quiz monday

things i have to make up before my teachers kill me:
1 enviro lab, 2 handouts
6 history hws?
1 math paper

by some miracle please let us have a snow day/delayed opening.

statistically its been shown that the first name on the voting ballot is more likely to get more votes.

good job america


1 extended essay
2 historical investigation

lit project tmr
4 informal and discussion post tmr
enviro quiz thurs
econ commentary revised thursday
7 enviro quiz friday
math quiz monday

coming up:

enviro lab 2/14

internship report 2/16
econ commentary 2/17
math portfolio 2/17
health project?
math portfolio II 3/7
history test?

we were also supposed to get our babies today, but thank god james isn't here
i will be the proud mother of a robotic baby next week!
names? how about RB, for short ^.

 plus, i'm tutoring tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, and then leaving on friday :o


ordered them yesterday, but they're already getting here by tomorrow <3
please please please god, snow day tomorrow?

so i can get some work done without getting more?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

this weekend was way unproductive

but after amun, it was good that i got to just chill & see friends
& tutor woohoo :D

and i completely forgot that i have a church retreat this week!
leaving school on friday at noon and coming back on sunday :)

and i'm also getting my baby this week...
so it should be a crazy week


Friday, February 4, 2011

i have been up for 39 of the past 42 hours

amun 2011 <3

i am bone tired, and it was amazing :)

off to much needed sleep 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

so so so tired

so today i realized that it's been a whole year since it all began

yup, amun is here again, bringing back oldd memories, and surprise surprise, still not over him.

i felt all out of sorts today, amun, then vday, then deca states and all the memories from last year. good thing my brain's blocked out most of it with its amazing capability to defense mechanize its way into forgetting the details of all the things that have happened, except for a few events. hope that i don't one day have the memories rushing back to find that i had been repressing them all this time.

on a happier note, (:
tired as heck from amun, doing econ then reading for lit then off to sleep.
night every one <3

ps. every amun, i seem to fall for a guy.. let's not do that this year :)
pps. i would like a single red rose for valentine's day (hint hintt) <3


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

and in response to the confusion/anger/hate of phil's idt performance

if anyone wants to have a conversation about it, and by conversation i mean a willingness to listen as well as speak, i'm here if you want a christian's perspective or just someone to talk to :)

sleeping early/sleeping in for the third night in a row

no internship for me tomorrow because it's a delayed opening and my mommy loves me :)

these weeks have been greaaat for a procrastinating senior :P
can't remember the last time we've had a full week of school between all of the half days, delayed openings, holidays, snow days, and early dismissals and am too lazy to look it up :)

the weeks have been days of blissful surprises and general not having classness
take today for example, 2 hours of class, IDT assembly, then no TOK because Torres didn't show up. now that's what i call senior year :)
no internship tomorrow, thursday when i have amun and miss more classes :), then half day on friday + amun, saturday = amun

sunday = tutoring day, making a $100 a week? yes please :)
and i still have to apply for another job i might possibly go for, as a food taster/critic/freelance journalist at various restaurants in bergen county :D
meals are paid for, as are the articles :)

after amun, there's valentine's day :o and then deca states and then college decisions?!

will you bee my valentine? bzz bzz :)