Monday, December 27, 2010

oh and


heart is still beating fast

yesterday was the best post christmas day a girl could ever ask for <3

-cute christmas presents from the kids
-tickle battle w/ SHAT&J where we owned and got owned
-watching a walk to remember for the first time
-and spazzing out at every romantic part with annabel and helena <3
-homemade sushi dinner with family :)
-crazy amounts of SNOW

on a random note, enrique iglesias makes my heart beat fast & i love mandy moore for her grace and beauty.
off to watch chasing liberty & gush over nicole scherzinger some more,
merry belated christmas and pray for the ostfelds :(

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i love school of rock.

 Ben:  today was pretty classy
since we went to school
 Sent at 10:10 PM on Tuesday
that took me a while

really good, really random movies

some but not all the movies i love:
(most of which are on my computer)

bruce almighty & evan almighty (jim carrey & steve carrell <3)
emperor's new groove (love david spade)
school of rock (jack black is a genius)
elf (will ferrell <3)
the proposal (ryan reynolds...............<3)

movies with anne hathaway, julie andrews, patrick dempsey, or josh duhamel :)

at least i wasnt rejectedddd


me: if tim is to timothy, then jim is to ____?

correct answer: jimothy

answer i got: jeffrey? LOLLLLLLLLLLL i love you.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

rutgers business school lulz

today was a good day :)
borders with the bestie
first acceptance
first christmas present, the office version of clue, THANK YOU ERNIE <3
dad's leaving for korea today & coming back on the 23rd, good luck daddy!


good luck me on my math quiz :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

college college college (t-2 days)


good luck at your harvard interview ;)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

stressed out of my mind right now

family stuff + school + college + people in general

but things that make me happy include

1) internship tomorrow :)
2) my half brother bought me an awesome Christmas present that's already being sent :D
3) it is almost a certain econ teacher's last day because of her baby woo!
4) 11 days til christmas?! how is that possible..
5) words like prosopography (noun):
1. A description of a person's appearance, career, personality, etc.
2. A study of a collection of persons or characters, esp. their appearances, careers, personalities, etc., within a historical, literary, or social context.

cheer me up when you see me :) until then, ttfn

also, mike tan you better tell me about yale results (TEXT before 6) or i'll kill you :)
and uchi update soon, [a reliable source told me it comes out friday?] unless i get brutally rejected, which in that case, my silence will speak for itself, dun dun dun

Friday, December 10, 2010

sleepover #2

i found out that all my life
i've been putting the wrong hand over my heart for the pledge of allegiance (or i've been doing right and then did it wrong and i forgot) because i always thought the heart was on the right side of the body


all the college acceptances and first tri grades are distressing
uchi next wednesday

Monday, December 6, 2010

motivation, motivation, where art thou?

apathy and sleepiness have instead taken over
unproductive half day, but it was fun publicly falling asleep at barnes & eating a $70 meal at houstons with bestie :o


if good food were motivation, wouldnt life be easyyyyy?

finished emory, bu, umich, carnegie
left with northwestern, nyu stern, and cornell

tomorrow will be easier/better?
wednesday = internshipppppp <3
thursday = afterschool with bernie & minyoung to find out their fates
friday = end of the weeeeeeek

19 til christmas 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

i am blessed.

for a lot of reasons but for the time being,

-because tomorrow is a half day :)
-because i'm eating lunch afterschool @houstons with bestie
-because i have 2, 3? different christmas parties coming up
-because no matter what happens in 9 days, God still has a plan for me
-because my dad bought a box of chocolate milk cartons from costco :)
-because christmas is in 20 days
-because I'm alive

Saturday, December 4, 2010

lmao made my day, after yesterday's dramacrap

m:  are you doing amigos again? hm
summer break?
me:  im trying to decide what to do actually
want to find me a job?
m: um
go model
me:  LMAO
how would that work
m:  hey you could
me:  no one would hire me..
m:  idk actualy
i wasnt serious
just complimenting you
me:  LMAO
i know

Friday, December 3, 2010

today today today

was a good day because

1 just got to work in bajwa
2 torres wasnt here
3 just got to work in econ
4 lynch wasnt here
5 finished math final (AKA THE LAST OF FIRST TRI STUFF) [other than econ retake.....]
6 bible study with ben
7 finishing college apps
Emory (i'm done, just editing)
8 watching all the shows i didnt get to yesterday (bones & burn notice) + smallville

Thursday, December 2, 2010

working out with my sister

-fed field trip with the business kiddds, which was pretty fun
-nhs induction, hung out with jumbo & monica
-FINALLY GOT CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL AWARD. goshh, after 3 months... going to DC in the spring for induction :)
-made cookies that we accidentally overbaked
-starting to study for math :)