Friday, October 15, 2010

5 words.

john krasinski went to brown.

Monday, October 11, 2010


this doesnt change the fact that i have an econ test tomorrow, but at least i'll be screwed for tomorrow with an adorable picture of John Krasinski on my blog. <3 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

super procrastination

but on the bright side,

this week I finally talked to Brian Steffes <3 

holla to my boi down in T-Town :)

but in all seriousness, I procrastinated so much this 3.5 day weekend...

new week resolution: STOP.

I guess it's still procrastinating when I'm reading up on what it is and how to stop doing it, so in the meantime, I will most likely be MIA for this week, unless I succumb to the maƱana god and decide to slink back here with my tail between my legs.

wish me luck this week please <3

this week's torture list:

1 Econ Test
2 History Test
3 Math Test

Thursday, October 7, 2010

today wasnt the greatest day

Today was a horrid day, so in order to accurately describe it, I will be using the names of great American writers in the place of profanity. (first inspired by my favorite author, John Green)

Where to start?
-Whilst running towards my next class, I proceeded to drop my phone, to which it responded to this abuse by exploding into a hundred Virginia Woolf pieces. (I fixed it later)
-Next, I almost fell down the Walt Whitman stairs when my vision was blocked by the mountain of books in my hands, and I stepped on air instead of the second to last step, and I somehow managed to not sprain my ankle.

-In Literature, ironically enough, I wrote a terrible free write full of J.D. Salinger, actually thinking that it could not get any worse, until around 5 minutes later, when my mother informed my I had a dentist appointment.
-The dentist drilled the F. Scott Fitzgerald out of my teeth, but not before injected several painful shots of anesthesia, resulting in the lower half of my face to become numb and my not being able to eat.

Thank the Robert Louis Stevenson lord today is the last day of the week. Although, I will probably end up writing apps for the rest of the weekend. Sigh.

Hope your days were filled with less John Steinbeck than mine...

-I can't eat because of the filling, and I haven't eaten all day, no time for breakfast, and now my left ear is numb. My ear. Henry David Thoreau.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i miss paraguay

as i walk the halls of school, i actually miss waking up sore everyday and then going into someone's kitchen or outside (for the chimneys) and working.

working, and seeing how much work i physically have gotten done seems so much more tangibly satisfying than studying for tests and i miss building stoves :(

going outside EVERYDAY and playing soccer, wow, i was so lucky

i remember thinking, hoping, maybe that when i got back, i would be happy doing intellectual labor for once, because i was so used to doing without it, relying on my hands to make progress, but that of course was wishful thinking.

i miss the hot days of winter, even though by the end when we all came back home i was hoping for winter (jersey winter), so maybe my paraguayan kick ass hat will see the light of the classroom.

i wore my fogone jeans to school today, and i can still see the tierra roja forever stained in the threads of my jeans, no matter how many times i will ever wash them, some things last forever

i still wear my beaded bracelet from our routes and my braided one from the market, and i miss the little hotel we stayed at with the rickety stairs that was really cute, with the guy at the front desk who wanted to go to the US (who didnt?) and spoke english to us

and i look forward to spanish class now, because i miss speaking it all the time, and to be honest, only understanding like 70% of what was going on :)

i miss all you vols out there <3 i Twas the bombilla you!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

birthday whimsy.

so keeping in line with college app procrastination..

I have found my dream birthday present :)
something i've wanted for a long time, that also comes with its own history,
but it's pretty cooool.

These vintage babies go for a lot, from $575-$30 depending on where you find it and condition wise. But after spending an obscene amount of time not college writing, I found the following reasonable candidates on etsy & ebay.

and if this is sur reading, 
don't get too repulsed by the super girliness of the pink typewriter :) there are awesome baby blue ones too, that I would also be happy with. The one shown on the left is only $60! So reasonable <3. I'll be saving up to buy it, but the pink/baby blue (see last picture) royal would a dream come true. Most of them run for around $150-$250, the crazy expensive ones around$300-575, but I probably could only afford to buy it if I got really lucky on ebay

Royal vintage typewriters, there's something simply magical about old stuff like this, like getting snail mail. I know it's early to say happy 18th birthday to me, but one can dream, right?

Friday, October 1, 2010

"no school", the two words us ba kids dream about. also, "you're accepted"!

what i did today because school was miraculously canceled. (after having slept at 1 to finish studying..)
thank god for power outages <3
well, i mean, when it isn't affecting your internet, that is.

1. this is my sister, sera
2. this what we do when school is canceled
3. this is right before ice skating :) 
4. below, you can see my paraguayan hat + hoodie

happy no school day! and for all of you who do have school... well, you guys get at least 3x's more snowdays than us, so i think we deserved this one :)