Monday, June 29, 2009

do you see what i see?

I can't do this sight, this moment, justice, but I will attempt to

1) I am on the third floor of the amazing [4 floored] Yonkers, NY library (who has 3 other libraries in the same city!!)

2) I am overlooking Yonkers Train Station, which surprisingly isn't noisy in its coming and going, but rather comforting in its passage

3) I am right by the river that borders NY & NJ, in all of its sparkling expanse

4) I am looking at all of this through a huge wall of clear window and a bunch of sleek black sofas placed right in front of it, the most picturesque view one could wish to ever see

5) I am in library heaven.

the sandy beach colored tables with four chairs and a long rectangular lamp over head with the sign, Study Area, Quiet Please

the apartment that can be seen outside, with turquoise window frames and a sign that says, Luxury Waterfront Residences, Occupancy NOW

the dock with the american flags and white flags waving about in the breeze, the elegant white posts they proudly stand next to

the woman who sits in the black sofa directly in front of me, without a book with a sigh, simply sitting to enjoy the view

the pandora radio going on in my ear as perfect backtrack music

the peace I feel in this place


soul searching.

I think I'm over-thinking this whole thing about believing
in something I cannot see
'Cause when I think about it

I think there's no doubt about it
I do it every single day

Well it's just like the air
No one knows where it comes or where it goes
But when I breathe in I believe again and again

So, if the whole wide world says
You're not there
Well, I still know
You're there
And even if they call me crazy, I don't care
I still know You're there
And if they say there's no such thing as heaven or a God who waits for me
I just point to the air
And I know You're there
I had a science teacher
Who tried to make me a believer
That evolution made the earth
But I can't give a big bang credit for this whole thing
Life is too beautiful for that to be true
It's just like a child
A new born baby, there are no two the same tiny toes, finger prints
And with that thought I rest my case

When a nation cries
When a loved one dies
When we wonder why
I still know you're there
When the nights are long
In a world gone wrong
There's still a feeling so strong
That tells me you're there
You're so undeniable
You're so unconfinable
And your love is so reliable
And it tells me you're there.

So, if the whole wide world says
You're not there
Well, I still know You're there
And let'em all call me crazy,
I don't care
I still know You're there.

Friday, June 26, 2009

to grandmother's house we go.

I'm still having a hard time
knowing what to tell you and what not to
whether to trust you or to not to

and it doesnt have to do with you

It has to do with having done that with someone else
and it having been a waste
and that hurt.

But I'm going to have to learn how to trust again somehow
I just don't know if you are the right person for me to invest my heart in
I think it'll just take time.

I don't want to rush into anything
so meanwhile, just be there for me
if you can.

And I probably will keep looking
but it would be great if you were the one
who could bring some semblance of normalcy into my life.

And I just want to get mugged at knifepoint
to get cut enough to wake me up
cause I know that I don't want to die
sitting around watching my life go by
and what we take from this is what we'll get and we haven't quite figured it out just yet
because all of us are all too stuck
strapped to a chair watching our lives blow up
stuck watching our lives blow up


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

thinking about life.

From the enchanting movie, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium:

Mr. Magorium: Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.

Eric Applebaum: All stories, even the ones we love, must eventually come to an end and when they do, it's only an opportunity for another story to begin.

Mr. Edward Magorium: Unlikely adventures require unlikely tools.

Mr. Edward Magorium: 37 seconds.
Molly Mahoney: Great. Well done. Now we wait.
Mr. Edward Magorium: No. We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest. 37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.

Eric Applebaum: What Mahoney needed was the opportunity to prove to herself that she was something more than she believed.

Mr. Edward Magorium: We must face tomorrow, whatever it may hold, with determination, joy and bravery.

life is an occasion, rise to it.

"One Moment Away"
-The Afters

Wake up and smile
Put on a tie
Walk to the car
And wave goodbye
Radio on
You're singing along
It's all gonna change but how could you know?

You're one moment away
One chance left to take
And you're gone
Are they gonna remember you
for running away

Or saving the day from the darkness
And letting your love shine through
What will you do
You're one moment away

Eyes are on you
The pressure is on
Where will you stand when the lines have been drawn?
The clocks have all stopped, the story's been told
This is your life, so how will it show?

No, you can't pretend that forever
Will never come knocking at your door.

Run through the flames
Never look back
What did you think that you came here for?

You're one moment away
One chance left to take
And you're gone
Are they gonna remember you for running away
Or saving the day from the darkness
And letting your love shine through
What will you do
You're one moment away.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

break me down.

You gave what the world couldn’t offer us
Say what they want
Say what they want
We are free.

06.20.09 Unashamed.
what an amazing night.
thank you for reminding who I am & who i am meant to be.
I hope to never forget tonight.

So we will run
All together our hearts aflame
With a fire that can't be tamed
Our God all Glory to your name

Saturday, June 13, 2009

feeling artsy.

the dust on a dirty car?!
the poufman living room set
haha cute
mr. picasso head! hahaha, clever
made out of mechanical parts
amazing graphic tools
star wars origami?!

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."
-Georgia O'Keeffe

Friday, June 12, 2009

remember this?

i haven't done this in a while, but i've been meaning to!

avoirdupois: \av-uhr-duh-POIZ\
1. a system of weights based on a pound containing 16 ounces or 453.59 grams
-Avoirdupois weight
2. Weight; heaviness;
-a person of much avoirdupois.
hehe, it's fun to say (:

1. Intense hatred or dislike; loathing; abhorrence.
2. Being intensely hated as the result of some despicable action.

espy: \ih-SPY\
1. To catch sight of; to see at a glance
2) To discover a distant object, not obvious to notice; to discern unexpectedly
3) to spy;
-to espy land; to espy a man in a crowd.
i espy with my little eye...

1. A commotion; a disturbance.
2. A state of nervous activity; a fuss.
3. A cloud of smoke or dust that chokes or smothers.
4. To make confused; trouble; worry.
5. To be overly concerned with trifles; fuss.
oh pother.. [winnie the pooh :]

oneiric: \oh-NY-rik\
1. Of, pertaining to, or suggestive of dreams; dreamy.
a dream is a wish, your heart makes...

tergiversation: \tuhr-jiv-uhr-SAY-shuhn\
1. The act of practicing evasion or of being deliberately ambiguous.
2. The act of abandoning a party or cause.
hahhaa, the act of being vague or mysterious ;)

1. To amuse oneself in light or lively manner; to frolic.
2. To display.
it's a happy word (:

redivivus: \red-uh-VY-vuhs; -VEE-\
1. Living again; brought back to life; revived; restored.
sounds like part of a harry potter spell...

megrim: \MEE-grim\
1. A migraine.
2. A fancy; a whim.
childhood fancy and whimsy = megrim (:

"Proper words in proper places, make the true definition of style."
-Jonathan Swift


  • to be fit.
  • -runrunrun this summer & train for marathons
    1. 2.5 mile run in July [goal:25 minute & below]
    2. 5K in August :O
  • to be intelligent.
  • -read tons&tons of books (:
    1. read 10 classycal books, wooo
  • to bond with a little kid.
    -hopefully being a camp counselor for homeless kids this summer
    1. caring for kids & swimming, coloring, playing with them
    2. maybe going to the museum of natural history with them? :)

dreaming big&aiming high

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cute asian button.

there are few things that i know that bring real joy in my life.

there are only a handful of people that i am always genuinely happy to see.

there is only one person out there that i will always be able to depend on,
to whom i'll be able to whisper my hopes and dreams on a whim,
but i think by then?

i'll have fallen in love.

Monday, June 8, 2009


"If you’re too busy to give your neighbor a helping hand, then you’re just too darned busy"

i havent had a deep post in a while, so here goes :)

what makes you a better person?

an event?
-new beginning

a person
-family&friends who dont give up on you
-finding a soulmate
-the death of a human [not necessarily one very close to you]

a place
-moving to a new street, town, house, country, world.
-leaving a home
-visiting a 3rd world country
-seeing your homeland
-viewing history,religion,culture

any & all of the above, right?

it's these events, people, places that shape us in specific ways,
allowing us to grow & realize who we are as we become what we always were,
even when we might not realize it.

those moments when life seems "normal" ,
when nothing is really different, when it's the same old same old

do we ever change during this time?
without something to happen, how do we ever become better?
what incentive, what compelling force is there when life is just "normal" ?

why do we have to be pushed to do something great?
why not for the sake of doing?
are humans just that selfish?
we just want to go along & live our lives, why reach out when you have no reason to, when you aren't inspired to, when you don't have time to?

"someone ought to help that guy.."
"oh, i'm sure that someone will."
also known as the bystander effect.

and then you wonder why no one helps you out when your car breaks down on the side of the road, or you drop all of your books in a busy hallway?

living a normal life.
living for yourself, for the weekend

try something new today (:

think about it.

"The presence of other people creates a diffusion of responsibility. Because there are other observers, individuals do not feel as much pressure to take action, since the responsibility to take action is thought to be shared among all of those present.

The second reason is the need to behave in correct and socially acceptable ways. When other observers fail to react, individuals often take this as a signal that a response is not needed or not appropriate."

get your greeeeeen on (:

hey guys!
cha-cha-cha check out my other blog [:

EarthWeek is THIS WEEK!

The Earthknights will be offering several amazing events throughout the week:

Monday- Mods 1-3: EarthWeek Kickoff Assembly

- Mods 4-12: Tree Planting! [Help the Earthknights plant trees to beautify our school & bring sneakers! :]

- Mods 22-27: Networking Event

Tuesday- Mods 16-21: Speaker Richard Feldman

- Mods 22-27: Movie Screening, Garbage Warrior

Wednesday- Mods 22-27: Networking Event

- Mods 16-21: Movie Screening, Garbage Warrior

Thursday- All Day, BCA Unplugged, Energy Reduction Day

- Mods 1-9: Movie Screening, An Inconvenient Truth

- Mods 16-27: Flower Planting! [Help the Earthknights plant beautiful plants and flowers in the dirt where the Mods used to be, bring other clothes & sneakers!]

Friday- Field Day Recycling Competition! [The team that puts the most recycling into their respective red, blue, green, or yellow garbage bags will win mad points :]

Everyday, All day: Water Bottle Sale, Carbon Footprint analysis, Recycling Sculpting!

Teachers will be excusing students to go to these events, so take advantage of these opportunities! ;)

See ya there (:


the Earthknights

Friday, June 5, 2009

hsm, meet american idol.

hey guys,
sorry i havent posted anything new recently, but i've got a cold and havent been feeling all that great.

however, watching this did cheer me up:

"Glee," a musical comedy series about a hopeless high school singing club, is not your 13-year-old's "High School Musical."

"It's more edgy, and it's dark," said Matthew Morrison, who plays glee club leader Will Schuester. "The story lines are pretty out there and twisted. But at the same time, they're very real."

Seriously, the pilot was funny, deep, the actors/performers were amazingly talented [american idol, britain's got talent style], and the plot had me eagerly waiting for more.

"Fox's "Glee" is a tightly done hybrid of musical and comedy-drama that's unabashedly heartfelt and possessed of an honest sweetness."

Some of my favorite quotes from the pilot:

"I can't believe your helping out this loser." [football jock/bully]
"Don't you get it man? We're all losers. Everyone in this school.
Hell, everyone in this town....I'm not afraid of being called a loser,
cause I can accept that that's what I am.

But I am afraid of turning my back on something
that actually made me happy for the first time in my sorry life." [lead, {hot, amazingly talented singer}, protagonist]

"No. No, I need to provide for my family." [the teacher of glee club, Matthew Morrison, {also hot}]
"But provide what exactly?
The understanding that money is the most important thing?
Or the idea that the only life worth living is one that you're really passionate about, will?" [female teacher, Jayma]

"Funny, just dark enough to clearly NOT be “High School Musical”, but musical enough to look and sound like NOTHING else on network TV, “Glee” might just have the stuff to survive on Fox’s fall schedule."

watch for this in the fall!

seriously, i've watched this at least 5 times:
you can watch the pilot here, enjoy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

light reading?!

summer is coming up (:
vacations, beach trips, & eating out at restaurants can only mean one thing...
time to kill by reading.

I will attempt to read at least 10 of these books

Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart.
Agee, James. A Death in the Family.
Angelou, Maya. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice.
The Bible.
Bolt, Robert. A Man for All Seasons.
Brontë, Charlotte. Jane Eyre.
Brontë, Emily. Wuthering Heights.
Cervantes, Miguel de. Don Quixote.
Collins, Wilkie. The Moonstone.
Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War.
Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage.
Dante. The Divine Comedy.
Dickens, Charles. Great Expectations.
Dickinson, Emily. Poems.
Dostoevsky, Fyodor. Crime and Punishment.
Ellison, Ralph. Invisible Man.
Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World.
Joyce, James. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
Lewis, Sinclair. Babbitt.
Rand, Ayn. The Fountainhead.
Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's Travels.
Thackeray, William Makepeace. Vanity Fair.
Valladares, Armando. Against All Hope.
Virgil. The Aeneid.
Warren, Robert Penn. All the King's Men.
Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Williams, Tennessee. A Streetcar Named Desire.
Wolfe, Thomas. Look Homeward, Angel.
Woolf, Virginia. To the Lighthouse.

reading frenzy?
i think so.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i cried.

I cried after reading this book, which i finished in about a day.

The story of Beauty and the Beast in modern NYC, Beastly is a book that any teenager can fall in love with.

A better, well written Twilight? hmmm?

Usually rewrites of fairytales and fables are played out and boring, but even when I knew what was going to happen next in the story, Beastly kept me hoping, guessing, wishing, & rooting for the Beast.

Written in plain words, yet so very desciptive and eloquent, it is worthwhile to get your hands on this book.


eat your heart out, edward cullen.
not that i have anything against twilight (: